Post & Beam Pool Houses

Our typical post and beam pool house is a 1 or 1 ½ story building 18’x22’ or 20’x24’. You can design your post and beam pool house any size you want these are just the most cost effective sizes for most pool houses. Add a full or half loft for storage or just a cool place to hang out.

We try to design our pool houses using traditional barn sash windows and swinging barn doors but we have done many with sliding doors and different style windows. Your imagination is the limit. Add an outdoor lean-to to your pool house to give you a little refuge from the sun on those hot summer days by the pool. Close the lean to in to store all your pool maintenance equipment with out intruding into you pool house proper. Again your imagination is the limit.

We pride ourselves on working closely with our customers during the design process to help them best utilize the space for their needs in the most cost effective manner. This makes all our buildings a little different from the last, which keeps it interesting for us and leaves our customers with the satisfaction of knowing they have a truly unique post and beam structure.