Post & Beam Garages

Our most cost effective post and beam garage is a 22’x36’, 1 ½ story garage with full loft, and overhead garage doors. Although this size is our most common design for a post and beam garage, they can be bigger or smaller depending on your needs. Most often our customers choose to have 2 overhead garage doors and a person door in the third bay. This gives you the ability to park two cars in your garage and leaves a third bay open that can be used for storage or a work area.

Many Garage Design Options

If you need more room but don’t want to increase the size of the main frame a lean-to is a great option. With a 10’ lean-to attached to your garage you can use the extra space for storage or work area and now have enough space in the main frame to park three cars. As with all our designs and post and beam construction in general the design options are almost limitless. Some customers choose to have a 2/3 loft leaving on bay open to install a lift for working on cars or heavy machinery. This also makes it easier to transport large items to loft instead of having to cart them up the stairs.

We pride ourselves on working closely with our customers during the design process to help them best utilize the space for their needs in the most cost effective manner. This makes all our buildings a little different from the last, which keeps it interesting for us and leaves our customers with the satisfaction of knowing they have a truly unique post and beam structure.